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It sounds as though you may be experiencing the back and forth pendulum of irritable bowel syndrom. I have it myself. It started out in my early 20's with diarhhea, due to all the stress I had and continued nervousness on my job, once I calmed down, it only popped up due to certain foods that were greasy, and heavy, or milk, so I used lactaid etc. Then, it just went away. Two years ago, after years of stess and other things, It came back, but as irritable bowel with constipation. Awful! I never had any blood until--(I'll get to that). My doctor put me on Mirulax, an Rx stool softener, which is excellent vs. laxatives and eventually onto the drug Zelnorm, which is very effective if you have the constipation kind. You may have to work up on the dosage.
However, now I am at a point where it goes back and forth--diarhhea, constipation etc. With const., I eat 2 bowls of fiber 1 ceral twice a day, take Mirulax and things started to get better. Then I developed a Hemmorroid and (stupid mistake) had it surgically removed, the most painful surgery ever and most docotor's will tell you that, mine didn't, develped a severe infection, and then an abcess, had to have another surgery to have that cut out (Pain!) I now had a new Dr.! oh, and yes, I have a chronic fistule that won't heal.
Now, I am eating more fruit, all whole grain bread, all brown rice (nothing white!) the new 'fiber mini shredded wheat' with frosting on top, it's great and my diet is now so good that there is no more diarhhea, or constipation. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of flluid a day, knock out caffeine and don't drink much alcohol. If you follow this and eat either fiber 1 or just increase the fruit, veggies and whole grains you should start seeing some results, maybe at about 3 weeks or so. Some people take metamucil, but it doesn't really work as well as Fiber 1, instead try the new fibrous shredded wheat. It definately sounds like the pain the the you know what, irritable bowel syndrome. I hope this helps. It's right from my doctor's mouth! Take Care, things will get better.

***Go see a gastroenterologist! --Kyra