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My main question is - does an abdominal CT scan detect colon cancer? I got the impression that with negative CT results I am clear, but keep seeing that colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy are used for diagnosis, so a little confused.

For background in case anyone has other suggestions (especially for pain alleviation!):
I went to a GI after having 4 months of constant LLQ pain (varies in intensity but always there) that sometimes radiates to my groin. Not crampy, feels like a nerve is being pressed on or something. Also had change in bowel habits, like 1 in 2 days and then 7 in one day, sort of random and either thin, small or what looks like lumps of small stools stuck together in a larger piece (they used to be very normal looking). Also have frequent brown mucus in stool that I didn't before. I had a decent amt of bright blood 6 months ago, but think it was a fissure and haven't had any since and not anemic. My fiber is up to 30mg/day, but it did not alleviate the pain (though maybe affected BMs). I had a transvaginal ultrasound that showed a normal left ovary too.

The only thing I really want is to get rid of this pain - pain relievers do not help and it is always there and starting to drive me nuts. The GI gave me Zelnorm but that is more problematic than the pain and didn't help either.