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So I saw my Peds GI doctor today. I told her about my jerk of the adult doctor she sent me to. She agreed that he sounded like a real pompous jerk and said that the pH probes he said were normal were both quite abnormal. She couldn’t believe any doctor, much less a GI doctor, would look at them and thing they were normal. She said that they would be considered abnormal whether they were on or off meds, but were even more so because they were done off meds. So now I am sticking with peds GI, but will keep doing trials with adult GI doctors, giving myself plenty of time to find one I get along with.

Right now we are leaving my PPI (prevacid) the same, but adding zantac as normal. I’m just going to take the over the counter dose of zantac for now, but will switch to prescription if necessary.

She thinks I may be getting constipated causing my whole GI system to back up and causing more reflux. So now I am making an effort to get more fiber, since laxatives sound like not fun. I see the doctor in September, and then we will talk about adding Zelnorm if I could still use some help. I’m not too familiar with Zelnorm, but she thinks it will just smooth the whole digestive process up.

Also, I’m going to try and switch birth control pills because the one I’m on can cause weight gain (even though I lost weight since my last appointment) and can cause stomach pain.

Overall I felt it was a good appointment.