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hi jess.. i haven t been around today but, im back and, came into read this.. anyhow your symptoms are not normal, its not normal to feel all of those symptoms as you discribed them.. its pretty much the way you are eating.. you eat lots of ready foods which can cause those symptoms....i was exactly like you..but, now im all fixed.. you have to know how to eat and, give your body what it wants, becuase its giving you warnings. keep me posted i want to know everything.. :).. dont worry jess.. its for the better ;) trust me

cheer up :)

Well, the prepard foods are without preservatives from whole foods and have been eating VERY clean lately although not completely "gluten free". I feel okay today believe it or not...it's like an off and on thing. I did give up cottage cheese too.
And, I thought that your symptoms were weight loss, diahrrea, and acid reflux. Celiac disease symptoms are a little different that mine right? Unless there really ARE cases where constipation is the culprit. I do feel bloated a lot, discomfort, and constpated. Did you ever see that commercial where the women show their tummy's and they complain of being bloated and constipated?...the drug being advertised was called "Zelnorm" for women? Do you know of ANYONE that has those symptoms as a result of a gluten intolorance??? Could it really be gluten?? For some reason I don't think so since i don't have diarrhea and weight loss but it's definitely worth a try( and I will always continue to watch out and avoid gluten as much as I can). Do you think that a thyroid test is necessary???

I couldn't go to the lab that he referred me to today for the blood tests but I could go anytime this week. I may either go tomorrow or wednesday. I'll let you know on this thread. Anyways, try to answer my questions if you could, thanks. :o

Oh and a few more questions, should i eat gluten before I go? He didn't even tell me if i should or shouldn't.
And, will I get the results THAT day or have to wait? Sorry for all of the questions, lol. Oh and does antiemdomysial test sound familiar to you? you never answered me, thanks. :D