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K, well I just got back from the GI and he said that I have IBS and he prescribed me "Zelnorm." I'm supposed to call to schedule a colonoscopy btw. Anyhow, he felt around my tummy area and then asked me If i wanted an "anal exam." :eek: I said, "Uhh, no that's okay, i think a colonoscopy will be just fine."LOL :D Well, I just recieved my perscription for this stuff and I'm so despeate that I'm gonna take it, and STILL do a low gluten diet. He told me that my test doesn't indicate a true relevance to celiac disease. But, I think the colonoscopy test will determine that. In the mean time, I'm gonna take these meds cause honestly, it's ruining my life. I don't want to go anywhere cause I'm so bloated, and have gas, LOL. I mean yah, I do go places but I'm sick of stool softners, fiber, and just that feeling, it's SO frustrating. WHat do you think?
I told you Losec that no matter what, I'm gonna eat gluten free pizza's, pasta, bread, like the big stuff.
Why do you think that I have to watch EVERY LITTLE TINY think i consume? I'm just taking this for a few weeks because this isn't a long term solution and wait for my colonoscopy. I didn't have ANY gluten today by the way....how long does this take. I"ve been watching my gluten for quite some time now...except for a couple weeks ago BEFORE i bought gluten free items...you know the occasional pizza and pasta. I'm NOT going to eat a lot of gluten, and you know I never did. :) I did take a dose of zelnorm and my stomach is bubbling so bad right now, right where I feel the obstruction. YOu should see my stomach it is SOOOOO bloated, it was like that for the past few days and I didn't eat any gluten(if so VERY little) and I'm a pretty slender chick so I REALLY look pregnant, LOL. :eek: I'm SOOOO frustrated losec! I've tried everything, fiber, i've been taking stool softner....it's like a big tummy full of air, and makes noises and i can't stop passing gas in the evenings lol (why i don't know), i'm so sick of it. My doc told me that many younger women have this problem due to a hormonal imbalance. So who the heck knows, but losec, I do believe that gluten is bad and I'm gonna stay away from this as much as I can. When will I start to feel better? 2 weeks? :( Or do you HIGHLY suggest a gluten free diet(complete gluten free). I'm getting a colonoscopy done but I have to make the appt, I just jetted out of there today and didn't feel like waiting but I'll call tomorrow.