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I decided to come back to these boards, since I don't really have anywhere else to go. I hope all of you realize that people come to this board for support and advice, not to be called a drug-addict based on a mistake that I'm sure many people in chronic pain have made. If I thought I had a problem with addiction, I would have posted on that board.

Enough on that.

I had my second Laparoscopy last week, and they found only a little endometriosis (as opposed to it being severe stage IV the previous time) and lots of scar tissue. My OBGYN doesn't believe that this is causing my pain. My dr. and family are acting like it is all in my head. That just breaks my heart. But what upsets me more is the fact that they have NO IDEA why I am in so much pain, and my dr. didn't care to look into any other reasons. She wrote me a prescription for Zelnorm for IBS, but I can't imagine IBS causing me SO much pain. Not only do I have abdominal cramps, but lower back pain and upper thigh pain as well - pain which you think would be caused by some sort of female problem.

I asked my dr if it was possible I had an immune disorder like fibromylgia, since I thought for sure that immune disorders such as that were linked to endometriosis. She just told me that it was rare, and dismissed it at that.

She prescribed me *Ultram*. I've never heard of this drug, and she didn't tell me anything about it. She won't prescribe me anything stronger since she can't see that there is anything wrong with me! But that doesn't mean that I don't still hurt, and hurt horribly. I haven't been this depressed in a long time. I just want to know what is causing my pain.

If anyone could share their experiences with Ultram, that would be greatly appreciated. I know I take 1, 2x a day and I also know that the kind I have does NOT have acet. in it, so luckily I can take that along with the Ultram. I just know that I'm going to have to take this medicine everyday, and I don't know if that is alright.

Thanks in advance for any advice or support. Happy Christmas to all.
I called the pharmacist and the great news for me is that it is going to interact with most of the medications I am on. Nothing serious. I take Seroquel, Prozac, Lamictal, Xanax, and now Zelnorm. The only interaction is that taking the Ultram with it will make me drowsy.

I read up on the drug on Intellihealth and Webmd (is it okay to post that?) but I'm still confused. They treat it like its a narcotic, but it doesn't say that it is.

I decided to go to my GP when I get back to school and find out whats causing my pain. I've had to take the past year and 1/2 off of school b/c of these problems, and I REALLY want to graduate next semester. I'll do anything it takes.
Hi Jules,

I am sorry you are having so much pain. I have had two laprascopic surgeries as well for ruptured ovarian cysts and tons of adhesions (scar tissue that gets attached to your organs). The second surgery they went ahead and removed my appendics since they thought it could rupture from my cysts rupturing. They also said I had IBS which to me is very uncomfortable but shouldn't be causing such extreme pain for you so it is probably something else that you should keep pursuing. It could be the adhesions because if they are stuck to your other organs, than any movement can cause such terrible pain and now they have done another procedure on you, that will cause more adhesions. It is a vicious cycle that way.

Anyway, I was also put on Ultram for many years for pain and really needed to take 4-8 daily to get even a little relief but I also have cervical disc problems and shoulder issues where I just had a second fusion sugery on Dec. 12th and am sitting with a hard neck brace for Christmas and not allowed to leave the house until the 29th. Bummer:(

So, the Ultram did not make me sleepy at all but you are taking other medicine that I am not so don't know for you. It didn't upset my tummy at all either but I always take medicine with some sort of food or crackers just to be sure. I hope you have good luck with the Ultram and get some pain relief.

What I would double check with another dr. is that it specifically says to NOT take Zelnorm if you have history of adhesions. Adhesions are scar tissue inside your abdomen so please look into this quickly so you don't do any further damage to yourself. That is why I couldn't take that medicine.

Hope some of this helps you and I'll be praying for low pain for you.

Merry Christmas,