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Thanks for your reply Karen. I am very disappointed with my doctor, especially after going to so many that I simply wouldn't go back to. This doctor was the first one that ran tests, like finding the B12 problem and the anemia. So, he is listening to my "symptoms" and treating them - I am on Nexium for my constant indigestion (He told me I was getting addicted to Gaviscon) and it seems to help the nausea too, Zelnorm for my IBS, B12 injections, prescription iron tablets for my anemia, daily Metamucil for constipation (I am constipated anyway, and the iron pills make it worse) and Celexa for my constant anxiety! He doesn't really know why I get dizzy at times, but my blood pressure is always low so that may be it, it is usally somewhere around 95/60 or something like that, the top number is rarely over 100, it was 120/90 when I was in the hospital getting my blood transfusion. I was very upset and agitated, my husband had to stay with the kids as home and I was alone and scared. I had asked him about my thyroid, because I was so tired and had started gaining weight for no reason, he ran that test and said it was borderline but in normal range.

So I feel like he is treating the symptoms but that I may have an underlying problem that is causing all the symptoms. My husband gets irritated when I start going to new doctors, thinks I'm wasting my time. Not that he doesn't care, I just think that after hearing my "aches and pains" for so long he thinks "enough already" and wants me to just take my medicine and do the best I can with it.

I know you are right. I am going to try and find a different doctor. But to answer you question, yes it was my gyno that performed the DNC and handled all that. I don't know how thick the lining was. Does thick uterine lining have anything to do with OC or is that just with Uterine Cancer?