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Hi for the past 8 months i have had my rbc to be very low and my wbc elevated. i have severe bloating in my stomach and not able to have a bowel movement on my own. swelling in my legs. i have never noticed blood in my stool until 2 days ago, found by accident (forgot to flush toilet) gross i know but at least i got to have the chance to see the blood. there was alot and it wasn't there when i got done. it had sit about 20 mins or so. it was a dark red to color. i also have dizzy spells and stay very weak and have trouble getting up to do what i need to do during the say. i have even passed out.

i know i had to be losing blood somewhere because the doc told me that i was and never tried to do anything about it. until now, i called and told him about the blood in the toilet and told me to come straight in. we talked about colon cancer of possible bowel, but he said we wouldn't know for sure until he did the colonscopy. which is on May 4th.

Just wanted to let you know i am a female (33) and my periods have almost stopped and i have a fibroid in my uterus and for about 2 years i would have a heavy period and all of a sudden that have almost stopped and i know the fibroid is still there because i just had a pelvic ultra sound and itz there. not understanding to why my periods have stopped. so i told my gi doc about all of this and now he is really terrified and before he didn't think any thing was wrong only that i had IBS. was put on zelnorm and didn't do a thing and then reglan and nothing with it.

so my ? is has anyone had there white blood count to be high and low wbc and have cancer? is this a sign of cancer or maybe a terrible infection. i have been put on anitbotics for sometime now because that is what my family doc thought and did nothing for my rbc or wbc.

i need all the answers i can get here.