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For the past few days my stomache has been hurting alot right when I'm done eating & I have been feeling like I have to throw up but it ushally won't come out,I threw up a little bit yesturday but that was it.

(1.) Does Anyone Know Why My Stomache Has Been Hurting For The Past 3 Days Each Time After I Have Ate Something?????
(2.) Does Anyone Know What Could Be Wrong With My Stomache?????
I have been really really worrying alot at night sometimes & it has kind of effected my sleeping not that much but a little bit.
(3.) Could That Be Why?????

My stomach makes this growling sound a sound that your stomach makes when your hungry but I'm not hungry because it's when I just get done eating & I'm full.
Also when I touch my tummy it feels really hot or really warm.
I woke up today & decided to take a bath & right when I got out of the bath
my stomach begun to hurt but it didn't before my bath hmm...

(4.) I would go to the doctor but I don't think they will know what's wrong with it unless they take an ex ray of my stomach hmm?????
(5.) Should I go to the doctor & ask to have an ex ray of my stomach because I think something is wrong with it like I think that I might have an unlcer?????
(6.) I have the IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome) so my doctor might think my stomach problem is just because of that?????
(7.) Could it be because of my IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome)?????

(8.)I take medince for that but I think it might be on a low dose but I'm not sure because I'm not sure how high the doses of that medince goes hmm???
I take Zelnorm.