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I have had to use narcotic pain medicine for years now and have always had a big problem with constipation as a side effect. I used to take both Senna and Colace and eat very high-fiber cereal every morning. Even with all that I often would go several days without a movement and had a lot of pressure in the bowels. I also kept needing more and more of the Senna pills and Colace. I finally went to a GI doctor for a different reason and he implored me to wean off of the Senna because he said it just makes the bowels weaker and your body requires more and more over time. He started me on Zelnorm and Miralax powder. I quickly was able to cut my dose of Senna in half and slowly weaned myself entirely off of the Senna and Colace! Now I only take one Zelnorm Pill per day plus one half dose of Miralax every few days and I am going to the bathroom at least every other day.

To make the above Long story short, I highly recommend your friend asks their doctor about taking Zelnorm and/or Miralax. I also recommend drinking plenty of water, getting enough fiber in the diet, and increased activity. And another thing that I believe has helped a lot is abdominal strengthening exercises. I remembered reading somewhere that having strong abdominal muscles can make the bowels work more efficiently.

I hope your friend gets some relief -- I can really empathize