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I have suffered with constipation all of my life. I'll be 47 next month. I don't always drink enough fluids which I know is bad. I take alot of different medications that help me with other physical and emotional health issues/brain disorder. Because I have a brain disorder......I don't always remember to drink water..........within the last month....the heat, humidity and lack of fluids caused me to become very constipated:mad: so I tried some of my "tricks" to get my intestines moving again...eat certain foods, drink Coke etc. Nothing worked....my intestines wouldn't budge......then my anxiety level went up because I wasn't going to the bathroom and I was getting uncomfortable. Most of the time I "forget" that I even have an intestional disorder/should go to the bathroom because of my brain problems.
I called my Dr's office and was prescribed Miralax. It took almost a week for it to help me start going....and now I don't want to stop. Sometimes I think I will be passing gas when I am really passing soft/liquid poop. I've ruined alot of underwear, I'm unable to attend my water exercise class for fear I may lose control and contaminate the water........I can't tell anyone my problems............first you can't poop and now that's all I can do. I've suffered years ago with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Sometimes I think I am having a flare up again. I just had my 4th endoscopy for GERD but he wouldn't do another colonoscopy. It's been 8 years since I've had one. Sometimes I have pain on my left side and alot of GAS! It's frustrating to say the least. I've started drinking more fluids to keep my intestines going and the DR says I might have to go on Miralax or Zelnorm permanently. i don't want to take another pill! I'm thinking of doing colon hydrotherapy. Has anyone done this? There was a big article in First for Women Magazine this month how a lady solved some of her health issues by doing this. I'm sick of popping pills and passing stinky smelly gas/liquid all the time. It's taking over my life.....grrrrrrr......any suggestions for me???

Kelly:dizzy: :o :o