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Thank you for the reply, I just don't understand the reason after being down to 149lbs, and then in less then two months gaining 20+ lbs, with hardly changing anything in my diet, I eat alot of salads, eggs, chicken healthy foods, the only down fall that I have is my Starbucks coffee drink, I work as a cna during the nite, I work from 11pm to 830 am and then I come home and take care of my three young kids, until my husband gets home, that is when I finally get to bed for a few hours, I barely eat, and I don't snack all day I honestly feel like I starve myself, I eat only low calorie jello, and drink water and gatorade, then eat a healthy supper and still not losing any weight, I am on a pescribed lax to help me have bm's because the GI said that I have a lazy colon, and I am on zelnorm also because he also thinks that I have ISB, I don't understand how I went from 149 at the end of sept to 170lbs by Dec, its depressing, and I hate it, I try sit ups, I do sit ups till my stomach hurts, I walk at work all nite long, what else can I do I am lost in the weight trap and I can't get out....help
What kind of drink do you get at Starbucks? If it has lots of cream and sugar in it, that could really add up the calories. Did you suddenly notice that you had gained all that weight - or did you notice that your clothes were a little tight? That's why I weigh myself at least once a week. Also, during the holidays did you eat more just because everyone else was?; i.e. snacks brought in to work by co-workers, etc. Did you notice the weight gain after starting to take Zelnorm? Is the Zelnorm helping? My friend stopped taking it and now takes Colace, which she really finds helps her. I take Metamucil daily to help IBS. The only other thing I can think of is that you may be retaining liquid; but your doctor would be able to tell you about that.
A nutritonalist could really help you, I imagine. :)
No, I did not eat alot of junk food during the holidays, and I get a caramel frap at starbucks, I noticed the weight gain around the time I started shortly after I started taking the prescribed lax, and with the zelnorm, I don't really think it is helping. I just feel really bloated in the belly area and I do tons and tons of sit ups, I just dont seem to be losing anything, I am going to go to LA weight lose center tonite and see what they say cause I am so unhappy, and I keep trying different things and nothing seems to be working, thanks so much for the reply.