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I'm facing possible colon resection. I have been diagnosed with extreme colonic inertia with the marker transit test being greater than 10 days. I'm open for any opinions on what to do. Is surgery the normal for my condition? These are the things I've tried in the past: increase fiber intake, exercise, Zelnorm, Amitiza, Miralax, and OTC laxatives. My doctor told me last week that there are no meds that will help me. I could continue with the Miralax, but that doesnt help me. I was given GoLytely laxative (prescription) because I was so backed up. When I first saw this doc he said I had approx 2-4 weeks of stool backed up. I had a colonoscopy 3 years ago and he said that my colon or whatever was a little longer and more curvier than usual, so I'd have a hard time going. I've had a hard time since I was little and I'm 26 now. I cant take this pain anymore. Its affecting my emotions as well. I'm sure you all know how that is. I have an appt June 16 with a surgeon to discuss what to do. I'd like some info on this before I go. I've discussed this with family who is in the medical field and they seem to think surgery is the way to go. I have been taking alot of laxatives for awhile. I just want to make the right decision. My doc said if I continue with the laxatives that it would be a very short time before surgery wouldnt be an option but a must. I'm thinking about doing this. I am a mother of four beautiful children and a wife to a wonderful husband. I get grouchy and snappy at them when I get to feeling miserable. This is a horrible feeling and they dont deserve it. They want their mommy and wife to get better. And I want to feel better. HELP PLEASE!!!