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Emotions and activity can play a big role.

I have noticed that I tend to have more gas after being stressed (have you been tracking that?), or if I have been doing a lot of physical activity like exercise or house work which can also get things worked up in the digestive tract. I also noticed, too, that my IBS symptoms seem to get worse with hormonal changes like when my period would be due (I am peri-menopausal, on Depo Provera and periods are merely spotting and staining for me now).

If you cannot find a specific food trigger, and if you cannot link it to emotions or physical activity, you can get on medications (Zelnorm is the only one that comes to mind right now).

My husband eats whatever he wants whether or not it gives him gas or heart-burn. He just controls it with Tums.

Good luck!

Lindaru :)