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Hi Christine. You have just described me! I have also been diagnosed with Hashi's. I am taking Zetia for my high cholestorol and triglycerides. I am Insuling Resistant which is where my body is making two much insulin. I am taking 500mg Metformin (Glucophage) 2 times a day to help regulate it. You may want to discuss trying it with your doctor. I was taking 50 mcg of Levothyroxine and it was doing much for me. My doctor has changed me to Armour 1 grain. I go have more blood work next week to see how I am doing on it. My cholesterol numbers are slowly coming down sincs starting on thyroid medicines. Trying to watch your carb intake will help greatly with you blood sugar/insulin levels. Eat more whole grain breads and posta, drink diet drinks and start excersing. Try walking at least 3 times week. My heart beats real fast every once in a while but I do have a problem with what feels like it is skipping a beat but everything comes out fine. I notice the skpping and SOB when it is time for an increase in my meds.

Ask your doctor to switch you to armour and about trying the metformin.