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Thanks so much! I have had a couple of tests but they sent me away said things were okay and that I had anxiety....but the chest pain is not going away and neither is the shortness of breath and with Dad's condition I am getting spooked - thought I was having a heart attack last night at 2:30am - chest pain with cold sweats and nausea??...but I think I'm very stressed about my Dad....

My HDL is high but so are my triglycerides - doc gave me zetia to try months ago but I haven't yet - I'm already a walking pharmacy....but I'm starting to get scared - I'm even scared to eat! May I ask what test found your blockage at 41?

They are kinda of dragging things out for my Dad because the doc is booked up - so his angiogram will be next Tues and my impression was it would be a least a week after that before they could do one of the two stents....all this waiting is hard on him (and me) - ever since we found this out about him, I've had constant chest pain for a week - maybe it is anxiety? I just don't know - anti-anixety meds do not help the pain or shortness of breath....I had an echocardiogram and a pulmonary function test last fall. The EF was 60 something % , but there was left ventricle non-compliance and resistance to heart muscle relaxation...the PFT showed slight asthma and bronchospasm. They gave me an inhaler, put me on atenolol and lasix and sent me on my way. I also have a history of diet pill use for two years! The doc never informed me it could be dangerous when taken for more than a few weeks - I stopped that last fall two weeks before the shortness of breath started.....well thanks for listening - I really appreciate it.....
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