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Hi DesertBloom,
I did have a high reading before taking Forteo, but only one. I take hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ), which is a calcium-sparing diuretic for high blood pressure. This has worked great for my BP. The forteo research cites one study that was done with people on HCTZ and found no problems, but this study only had 20 participants, so really doesn't give much of a picture.

Also, at the time I was taking a maximum dose of Vitamin D, supervised by an MD who works with both supplements and regular prescription drugs. I also was on the max dose of calcium, but also was drinking lots of milk, yogurt, etc. So, I suspect the reason for this one high reading (11, when normal is 10.5) is a combination of these factors. It was retested and was 9.5, before I started the Forteo. Then I had this high reading again of 11, and stopped taking as much calcium, and it came back down to 9.2.

I'm still on Forteo, but my endocrinologist is consulting with my family doctor about the BP meds. However, I may or may not want to change what I'm taking. I'm a person who does not seem to do well with most meds (severe problems with statins, a non-statin drug called zetia that's supposed to not give the problems of statins, and a variety of others). In some ways I'd rather stay on HCTZ because I tolerate it well. I have a demanding job and so having these drug reactions while I'm trying to work is a huge problem.

One 2005 article I found on Medscape, by Zosia Chustecka, described a Cleveland Clinic doctor (Dr Angelo Licata) who has done some work with people who have high calcium while on Forteo. Perhaps this doc would know more about some of the causes if he has looked into it more since then.

My osteoporosis is severe and comes from both mother's and father's sides of the family. My father had very severe osteoporosis and my mother's is also very bad. I suspect that there are a number of factors, and find it frustrating that there is no good way to find out what the underlying factors are. That's another topic, but I'm wondering about it relating to the questions you have about your own situation with calcium. Perhaps there is some mineral metabolism thing that goes on with you and Forteo has a relationship with it.

The other things is that Forteo does elevate your calcium for 16 or 18 hrs after you take it. So the timing of the blood test may be making a difference. This is in the literature that Forteo includes with the product.

I did go to a consulting pharmacist a while back (she teaches at a major university) and she knew things the docs didn't seem to. I'm about to schedule another appointment with her to find out more about the Forteo and BP medications. If I find anything new, I'll post here.

An off-topic question: How do you dispose of the forteo pens? They are building up and I'm not sure. (I know how to get rid of the needles).