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My numbers are comparable to yours, and my doctor is not concerned about them. Of course, he's a holistic guy... unsold on statins, so that makes a big difference. My former "regular" doctor wanted me on them, but I refused. All of the reading I've done on it leads me to conclude that I'd much rather risk the LDL than the drugs.

For your comparison, my total is 216, LDL 126, HDL 57, triglycerides 167. Your HDL is even better than mine; I'm positively envious of your LDL/HDL ratio. I've read what you have read... that LDL isn't at all what we should worry about. The worry should be over low HDL, high triglycerides, and arterial inflammation as measured by the CRP test that extremely few MDs ever bother to order. Why should they? The labs that do CRP tests don't send MDs on Carribean vacations for sending business their way like Big Pharma does for prescribing statins.
(Sorry for the soapbox rant.)

Here's the deal: "Optimal" levels for cholesterol in people without heart disease are ~
Total 200 or less;
LDL 100 or less [Just a short time ago, 130 or less was considered "optimal". Guess they weren't selling enough statins, so the rules had to change.];
HDL 60 or higher.
Less than optimal, but still considered safe levels are ~
Total less than 240;
LDL less than 160;
HDL greater than 40 for men or 50 for women.
Triglycerides should be less than 150. (I've had success lowering trigs through vigorous exercise and lowering sugar intake. They still aren't ideal, but neither is my exercise regimen ;) )

A few doctors consider ratios more important than the absolute numbers in determining risk. An optimal Total/HDL ratio is about 3.3:1 and an optimal LDL/HDL ratio is about 1.7:1. Your total/HDL is optimal, and your LDL/HDL ratio is much better than optimal. My ratios are also good, so I'm not worried, and you aren't going to find me taking a statin any time soon.

All that said, my DH takes two statins. Nine years ago, he had two heart attacks and a quintuple bypass. He's afraid not to take the statins, and frankly, I'd be afraid for him not to as well. Since his cardiologist added Zetia to his Lipitor last spring, he has had some issues with unexplainedly sore bicep muscles. I constantly worry about what the stuff is doing to his liver. But hey... whatcha gonna do?

The thing that most disappointed me about my thyroid treatment is that it had absolutely zero effect on my LDL. That was surprising. Glad I'm not that worried about it anyway. lol