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I am 54 years old and I have had in the last 2 years and a half my appendix taken out, I had renal carsinoma cancer stage 1 and had my kidney removed. Recently the last couple of months due to clogged arteries and family history I had 2 stints put in.

I am on 40 mg of lipitor, 325mg bayer asprin 61/2mg coreg twice a day, and 75mg of plavix.

I have been exercising my entire life and recently I ride my bike 5 times a week for 30 minutes each time.

I am a vegan except an occasional piece of fish once or twice a week.

I drink a lot of water.

I feel great.

I will be taking blood work to determine if I can get off of any of these meds and maybe get on zetia only.

Are there any recommendations for me.