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Quote from Tina27:
i hope this is not funny for most of you because he feels different too since he took the drugs.He's doubling doses of vit.e.

No Tina, its not funny for anyone. Zip had the same problem that I did with those things. For me it was all the beta blockers the ended in -ol (Atenolol, Toprol...). They not only produced ED, but killed my libido, down to, uh, nonsexual :rolleyes:

I had to beg to come off of them and it made a world of difference.

There was a beta blocker called Ziac that I was on once. After I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was switched. Fortunately with weight loss and exercise I don't have to worry about diabetes nor hypertension now.

Tell your hubby to keep after the docs to get him something that will produce the desired result without the horrible side effect.