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Quote from bharkins:
Does anyone out there know what determines if it will be a beta blocker, ace inhibitor, channel blocker, diuretic, etc. or is it just a guessing game of trial and error? I have been on all kinds of meds and I would give anything to just feel normal again. Do the doctors just push certain ones? It is just so frustrating.

Hi :)

Well, I am a nurse and I worked for an internist and a family MD and they both had different criteria for why they put people on what they did. If they had high pulse rates and pvc's(preventricular contractions which make you feel the heart palpitations) and high blood pressure they would use Atenolol(beta blocker) or Metroprolol.
If they had high bp and some mild swelling, they might use beta-blockers and diurectics.

I don't know, now that I think about it, sometimes they just read up on a drug and liked the way it seemed to work and the minimal side effects(like the Benicar) and they just put people on that to try it. I mean, they always took into consideration their medical history, the meds they were already on, etc.

Sometimes I think it is a game of chance to see what works best.
I mean, I used to be on Ziac( a beta-blocker and diuretic mix) but my pulse got too low to handle it.

Good luck to you :)