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I haven't seen anything that links those meds to lipid elevation. Then again, that doesn't mean that that it doesn't exist. I haven't spent any time looking into that area.

There are too many other factors that could come into play and be attributed to the cause (diet, lifestyle...). Here is a great example, my lowest total cholesterol was 96 mg/dL, I was on: Tricor 54, Altace 10, Toprol 50, Ziac 5/6.25 (Ziac has the diuretic). My cholesterol was 143 mg/dL on Altace 5. My cholesterol was 153 mg/dL last month, without bp meds. Therefore, using my n=1 sample size, I have just correlated a decrease in bp meds with an increase in total cholesterol.

The real reasons for those values are tied to weight loss, diet change, and finally, increase of HDL from exercise--which is also the reason why the bp meds were removed, one by one, until there were none.

Prior to all of this, when I still took HCTZ, I didn't see any impact of dosage changes on my total cholesterol, nor upon removal of it was there a change that I could pick up.