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zuzu - i have been on atenolol, ziac hctz, benicar & benicar hctz, & a couple others i dont have records of that were samples the doc gave me that never worked or had bad side effects

they all worked initially but then either quit working or didnt work very well, i got fed up when i gained 40+ lb while on the benicar hctz so i quit taking them & have been trying other things, plus my cholesterol went up after being put on bp meds, before meds i was 130's / low 90's, only reason i tried meds was because i had a 97 when i got my FAA medical renewed i think in 2001 & he passed me after he got a 95 after I sat around for a while (you need 155/95 or better to pass)

i picked up some mucinex at walmart this afternoon, everything else had additives i dont want, I will try it & see if anything happens