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Has anyone ever taken ziac? did you have sexual side effects? Will the side effects go away? Please if anyone has ever taken ziac please post here, thanks

Yes, I've taken Ziac before, and had no side effects other than dry mouth. Had no sexual dysfunction at all. I also had a friend who was on it, and it caused her to become dehydrated, but her dr. just told her to drink more water and fluids. I'm on Toprol now, but I don't like it as much as I did the Ziac, and am thinking about having my dr. switch me back to Ziac. I'm on a beta blocker for BAD symptoms with Mitral Valve Prolapse.

Anyway, that's all I noticed when I was on it. Also, I remember losing weight on it.
Hello Mellie310,

You are a female? sorry I don't know much about the American names. I want to know that because Ziac effects the Sexual ability of males of than females.

Since Ziac is a combination beta blocker and thiazide diuretic, the potential for erectile dysfunction is high.
I've never taken that particular combination.

I think that a couple months should certainly clear up any problems caused by the drugs unless you've taken them for a VERY long time. But everyone is different.
LOL, I took them for like 15-16 months. Think it could take over a year to clear up? Im not sure if im cleared up or not yet,lol. I know alot of people who take ziac dont get any sexual side effects at all, maybe its all in my head. Thanks for the support everyone.