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Listen, I'm not sure but I will tell you what's happening with me. I was on Ziac which is a Beta-Blocker and a diuretic, when I told my doctor that I want stop taking it he said that I have to gradually stop it so I took half of the tablet, the Beta-Blocker without the diuretic is called Zebeta, and now I take half the half :) and I should stop it completely after 2 weeks. I do that even if I was on other BP Meds that I have tried like Cozaar and Atacand which are from a different drug class, called ARB, so no problem.

Atenolol is a Beta-Blocker and should be stopped gradually, any doctor knows that. Anyway, why she told you to stop Cardizem?? it's a calcium channel blocker. I mean I think that you can take it while gradually taking off Atenolol, anyway I'm not a doctor :) so maybe in the case of Cardizem it's different but I'm sure that you have to gradually take off Atenolol.

I hope that someone else help you more than I did because I'm not sure that it's save to take Cardizem while taking off Atenolol or not.
Good Luck,