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for some reason i feel like my heart is racing, cant' breath as well during the first hour of trying to fall asleep.

I take ziac at 10 am and 3 days ago he prescribed verapamil for headache and bp because he thinks the ziac is giving me headaches but not sure about that. Im sure you've read my other posts about that.

Thought maybe i should take one or the other at night. Doc and pharmacist says i can take both at same time but that seems scary to me now that my bp is almost normal again.
so should i take one in the morning you think and one at night . He said the ziac was causing my headaches so he though, but i think he is wrong about that.

The verapamil is for bp and headache. So not sure when to take them since i was taking the ziac in the morning and nothing at night. I think it might be wearing off around bedtime maybe so its doing that. Just not sure