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since im eating better, no more salt, soft drinks, eating more foods that help lower bp and now that my bp is lower. I thought about not taking my verapamil for 2 days and check my bp twice a day to see what it is.

Doc first said my headaches were caused by my high blood pressure. It went down and then he said it was because of the ziac .
He then prescribed verapamil which is a calcium channel blocker for bp and headaches.

My pb is down but im still having bad headaches. Its almost like i feel seconds away from getting very dizzy or passout but i dont. Its next to my ears and temple area only.

2. Also since my bp is down i stopped taking the ziac and just taking the verapamil.

Could it be possible i should be taking the ziac and verapamil both like he said
and thats why the headaches havne't gone away. Taking 2 bp meds at the same time doesnt sound right to me.

3. Who here takes 2 bp meds at the same time. Seems one should be in the morning and the other later.

4. I also seem more nervous, anxious, restless legs since i started the bp meds. Or maybe thats because ive trippled my walking.