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I also wanted to add that i'm 32 years old. Thanks, I've been taking Calcium pills and doing exercise 3 days a week 20 minutes on a stationary bike and 10 minutes on tredmill so about 30 minutes 3 days a week. That is the best I can do because I'm also on oxygen.

My other question is my platelets are low. They are only at 84000? I think that's what it is. or is it 8400? Well it's 84 on the paper. That's the only thing wrong with me and my blood test. So that's why i'm questioning the liver scan because I've been on zithromax for dental work because of my medical conditions. I'm wondering if anyone knows anything if anti biotics or medicines can cause platelets to go low. They want to do a liver scan. I'm getting upset with all these test after test and wanting to save myself from being a rat in a cage. I think they are just not sure what they are doing.

I take zithromax for dental problems and I have to take the whole pack. I hate to say this but I weigh only 90 lbs and I wonder if that's to much zithromax for my composition. As you can tell I'm pretty smart. I just need a good helping hand and some new medical doctor's :)