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Boniva has an infusion that is 3-4 times a year already, but the other infusion I was referring to is actually a different bisphosphonate zoledronic acid. It has been used for other medical issues under a different name and is going to be marketed for osteo under zoledronic acid. Sounds like it will be available as soon as later this year. The main study for the oral bisphosphonate follow up drug was done on Fosamax because it has been around the longest. Actonel and Boniva don't have the long term studies to back them up, but the assumption is that they have the same positive outcomes on patients. I know all three are a little different and they say actonel has a shorter half-life and is an alternative to Fosamax in terms of how it is tolerated in general. I agree that what it comes down to with all of us is our own individual decision and should be based on our personal risk vs.benefit.