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[COLOR="DarkRed"][FONT="Verdana"]DesertBloom: I've been on Evista for almost four years. The only side effect I've had is the occasional power surge, but not so bad as to keep me up at night. But you're right, there are some grim possible side effects to taking SERMs. Non of these choices are no-brainers, are they? I'm leaving right now to go get another sample of Boniva from my doctor. I'm going to take it one more time before I decide, once and for all.

Phyllis: I do want to get a gym membership, but they are so expensive and I wouldn't use it as much as I should since I can't work out after work. It tends to keep me up all night. So I can't see spending hundreds of dollars on something I'll use mainly on weekends. Meanwhile I love my yoga classes and also try to do a lot of strength-building poses on my own.

Osteoblast and Phylis: I'm taking Evista primarily for breast cancer prevention. (I've been in remission since 1999.) Ordinarily they would have me taking Arimidex for it, but that's a drug that causes bone-thinning, which I certainly don't need. It was my oncologist who ordered my first DXA to establish a baseline before commencing with Arimidex. Imagine our surprise when we found out that I was already osteoporotic at the age of 49. So then he started talking about Zometa infusions, which I decided against mainly because of the cost. Now new studies are saying that zoledronic acid is not only good for increasing bone density, but it has some protection against breast cancer recurrence. And so we go full circle, LOL![/FONT]