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Hi TomateJuice: It's so wonderful to hear how well you are doing... I agree that the walking is probably helping a lot. We all were wondering how you were doing. I'm glad that most of your treatment is behind you, so good luck on the remainder of the tx.

Zometa, Aclasta, and Reclast are all forms of zoledronic acid which is a bisphosphonate. Aclasta/Reclast are both marketed by Novartis, and Aclasta was the brand name given to ZA in Canada-Europe, and Reclast is the name for the US version which are both once yearly infusions for osteo.

Zometa, is also given as a infusion, but generally at a higher dose and more often depending on your Drs orders for cancer tx. You can check the milligrams on Zometa, to see how it compares to Reclast/Aclasta which is 5 mgs.

Densoumab isn’t a bisphosphonate, and I haven’t heard of ONJ with it either. Since denosumab is a monoclonal antibody, its main side effects are neoplasms and infections. This type of antibody is a biologic med so infections (though small in number in the studies) is something to consider. As you probably already know, neoplasms are any abnormal new growth of bodily tissue, or some call it a tumor. I prefer the abnormal growth definition, since tumor conjures up malignancy, which isn't always the case.

Here's a link on Denosumab even though that wasn't really what you asked about. It also several years old...


Good luck with your decision, and keep us posted on your progress, I'm sure you'll do well.:angel::angel: