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I've been on it for years for panic attacks. I regulate the dosage I take so it can be anywhere from 100mg per day to 300mg per day. Right now I take 150mg once per day. It is the only medication I've taken for my panic attacks that have no negative sexual side effects; in fact, I'd say it has increased my sex drive a little too much :) . . . okay, maybe way too much.

I had put on weight with Zoloft and the Wellbutrin was like an instant diet plan. Another bonus :).

I rarely drink so I can't comment about it's effect with alcohol. When I am taking more than 150 mg per day I do get very shaky hands. Someone mentioned about taking 300 mg at once. I thought that the most you could take at once was 200 mg, otherwise you risk having seizures. I was told that if I take 100 mg pill I can take another 100 mg within 4 hours. But if I take 150 mg I would have to wait 8 hours before taking a second pill.