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Hi All!~

I have been experiencing muscle spasms/twitching for several months now. I had random, tiny, little muscle spasms in just about every muscle in my body. They would be non-stop, day and night. I went to every doctor, had every test, and it was concluded it was all stress related. I went on Zoloft and Xanax, and they almost completely stopped. The only one that has been constant is my right eye. It always twitches!

I also have Hashimotos, but my TSH came back normal to borderline hypo. I suffer from anxiety, and I obsess over my health to the point it's upsetting. I also have been having a lot of trouble with my memory. I could be looking right at something, and can't seem to find it's name for several tries. ( i.e. "kids, put your food in the sink, I mean, bucket, I mean GARBAGE") It drives me nuts! I also experience pins and needles/numbness in my hands and feet during the night. I was told that people with Thyroid problems can have these problems along with twitching. Do you think it is worth investigating, or should I just accept (totally) what my Drs. are saying, that it's just anxiety?

I have seen an endo. he didn't think any of it related. He said he never heard of twitching as a symptom. I had an ultrasound done on my thyroid and they found a nodule, then an iodine uptake and they confirmed a nodule, they said it was nothing to worry about. and come back in 6 months for another ultrasound to make sure it wasn't growing.

Also my family has a history of thyroid disease. Mom had thyroid cancer and a thyroidectomy. Aunt had a goiter, cousin with graves.

Any thoughts/comments appreciated.


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Thanks all for the advise!

I did try magnesium for a while, but it didn't seem to help. Of course I only tried it for a few days. I'll give it another try and I'll also look into all the other treatments and possibilities you have mentioned.

JudeKate - My spasms are very much like yours. I try to get my husband to see them, but they come and go so quickly and it's never in the same place, it's hard for him to see. It reminds me of little Christams tree lights blinking on and off. There was a time that they seemed more severe and were more frequent and noticeable. But now I'm down to just a few per day. With the exception of my right eyelid, that's every few minutes! I went to neuros and had all the tests for MS and ALS I was obsessed too, and I think that's why they put me on anti-depressants. (They thought I was a hypochondriac because THEY couldn't find anything, it must be in my mind! I am somewhat of a hypochondriac, but I have doubts in this case)

It is so frustrating not having a doctor that really knows how to treat thyroid disorders in my area. I live in Florida, and we seem to have the WORST selection of Dr.s ever compiled in one area! I have have had more success researching things on my own and bringing it to them. They seem to know NOTHING and should be paying ME for MY time!

I'm planning a trip to Massachusetts and will see my old doctor. He was great and I'm hoping he can refer me to someone who is more competant!

In the meantime I welcome any suggestions or personal stories. It helps to know that I'm NOT CRAZY!!!!!

I will say though that being on the Zoloft has helped me tremendously. I seem to twitch much less and worry about it much less, and my general outlook is MUCH better. So there was validity in the anxiety/depression diagnosis. Twitching was just a BONUS!

Thanks AGAIN!


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Hi kim-

Zoloft is a drug that acts on neurotransmitters in the brain and wiill not only help you feel calmer (helping regulate the neurotransmitters when they get out of wack from anxiety) in the same fashion it could help the twitces and spasms working on the nerve endings. Any whoo, I did not want an antidepressant, my doctor did not even offer me one, but many are placed on them cause doctors say...oh you must be depressed. Well when you are sick or got something weird going on...yea anyone would have a degree of anxiety, then we start to think "maybe it is in my head" easy way out for the doc. I have had more luck with family docs and nurse practitioners. Endo's dont want deal with htat kind of stuff. But! you have to find the right doctor. I went through several docs before I found the one who is going to work for me...not him. I was never sick...so I never had a family doc. Then I got sick. When you dont have a relation ship established in the office before you get sick...they get this new sick person and if it is something weird and cannot put it together they say it must be in your head. Are you on thyroid meds? I have hashi antibodies...you can have your levels in the normal range and still be hypo...especially with hashis the antibodies block your t4 and t3 from working in your tissues. We just titrated my meds to where I feel good. You really need to have free T4 done and free t3. One endo told me if you divide the Free T4 range into thirds, most people feel good around the upper part of the middle range. I am right in the middle and I know I need to go up.

It took me a year to get help and my son is 28 months now...I am just starting to feel a lot better. A year ago I could only walk down the driveway and back when before I power walked 4 to 5 miles a day. Now I am back to 2 to 3 miles power walking again. It was not enough thryoid for me. I thank God everychance I get for my family physician. I thank God for this board. Meep, ArtfulD, Treefrog and many others have been very helpful when no one wanted to listen. Find a new doctor.


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To be honest with you, I don't even know what t3 or t4 is. I am pretty much in the dark with regard to my thyroid. I do know I am borderline hypo (can't remember number) and was told at 10 that I had hashi.

I don't have ANY other symptoms other than what I have explained before. I am not tired, I feel pretty darn good in general. It's just the twitching that has me upset. But right now (since zoloft) they are at such a minimum that even they don't bother me so much.

I am keeping a log of what you guys are telling me. I am going to get all my records, and find out the best course of action to take.

I want to figure all this out before it gets to the point where my health IS an issue.

Thanks again for all your help.

Kim also have yourself checked for hypoglycemia. Those with hypothyroid related problems are at great risk for this malfunction also. hypoglycemia is not as revelant as they once thought, but they are finding it is accoicated with low thyroid more and more. Wthy hypoglycemia you are nervous anxious, and your body seemes to tingle,,especially thelegs, and they will twich for the blood sugar imbalance. It is another avenue to explore. If you find it is a problem, you will not need the zoloft, just to regulate your blood sugar level by diet. Do not settle for the one time blood draw done at 8 hours fasting. You will need several blood tests done at 12 hours fasting if not a capilary draw 3 hour glucose tolerance test as opposed to a venous 3 hour glucose tolerance test. They are not just for pregnant woman.

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