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hey...i'm 17, and, although we have drastically different problems (although some are similar), its very hard to absorb all the information in this post just sitting through and trying to read all of it :)

do you think you could setup a signature with a summary of the questionable problems?? it would be so much easier to read...i'll post mine at the bottom just in case your not familiar with what i'm talking about....

also, no at 21 your body does not deteriorate...don't worry...if anything, your age is not the cause nor is it a death sentance...

i was always known as a healthy child...but in fourth grade i would get chronic stomachaches and nausea, which my parents and teachers thought were just nervous stomach...

then, starting in fifth grade, there was atleast one episode every yeah and i would get the most aweful diarehha (sometimes i didn't make it to the bathroom..ick) which happened until 9th grade, and then in tenth grade is when i got real sick, and i haven't had any severe diarehha cases since, although i have had minor, non-viral-related ones...

right now i'm especially have trouble regulating my health, although at this point, it doesn't seem to be anything involved with vital organs (well, except for stomach, lungs, bowels) but no kidney, thyroid, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, etc.- type problems...

lemme know what happens, and see if you can figure out that signature...here's mine below!


Thought This Might Be of Use...Since Alot of Others Have It:
Updated on 6/18/02

August 1999: diagnosed with GERD and IBS...put on zantac, then aciphex
Spring 2000: diagnosed with TMJ...have lower splint
September 2000: hospitalized for failure to thrive due to malnutrition and dehydration; fed with ng tube for 3 months, put on prilosec
2001-02: developed chronic sinusitis/rhinitis from NG tube, put on nasonex and allegra
January 2002: switched GI's, diagnosed with hiatal hernia, switched to nexium, added peppermint oil, put on bentyl PRN for pain, zoloft for nausa
March 2003: IBS getting worse, switched PRN bentyl to BID levbid ER
May 2003: diagnosed with asthma from GERD, put on advair and singulair, albuterol PRN
May 2003: back pain and limited mobility, caused by 2002 car accident and dance injury, unidentified
April-June 2003: minor ear irritation and hearing problems, and extra sinus swelling, unidentified
May-June 2003: heartburn recurring even with meds!- GI put me on 40mg Pepcid Rx at bedtime...Let's see if it works! :p