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Hi i need meds desperate the only med that has ever worked for my severe anxiety , paranoia. ocd and depression has got to be zoloft )lustral in the uk) BUT like all the other ssri's they raise my heart rate even on just 25mg dose, then sends me into a huge panick with a hrt rate of about 200 beats per min i am serious... my usual hrt rate like it is now is only 82 beats per min.. so i stops the meds right away... but i need them and i dont want snri cus sends me to manic and trylics scares me sends me into panick as it slows me right down...

So does anyone else experience raised hrt rate? or even raised blood preasure low bloodpreasure? if so what do you do, do you stick it? go to doctors what? please let me know may make me go back and ask for zoloft again.. thankyou