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Your mind and body is playing tricks on you. As long as you fear the attacks they are going to keep getting worse. Worrying about the attack and that its going to happen again turns it into a disorder. (You prob. already know that being in med school). I read a book called Hope and Help for Your Nerves by Dr. Claire Weekes and It helped me understand so much. Its a little outdated but It helped me. Whether or not you need meds is a choice only you can make. After almost a year I started taking Propranolol which helps me with the physical symptoms that I had. The depersonalization, hot flashes etc. I tried Zoloft once but it didnt work out at all. But before you are sure its panic attacks you should get checked for thyroid and other disorders. Hope this helps a little. Oh by the way your symptoms sound alot like mine when I had my first one.

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