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Not sure which forum to go with this, so I'll start here. Here is my medical history and symptoms:

29 y.o. male, history of smoking and drinking but quit smoking two years ago. Still drink about 5-15 units per week.

Recently I have experienced some problems with RSI or Carpal Tunnel (perceived, not diagnosed). I get a numbness in the hands and arms. I'm to see a doctor on this in a few weeks.

About 4 months ago I began to have panic attacks (tight chest, light-headedness, and a couple of full blown attacks). Doctor put me on Zoloft 50mg and that's been under control now for awhile.

Have been a chronic heartburn acid-reflux sufferer until doctor put me on Aciphex 20mg (miracle drug), and now I've been one month heartburn free.

I never usually have headaches, but have had 3-4 in the last two weeks.

The main symptom I am concerned with is a fairly localized pain in my throat. Sometimes when I swallow (especially if I swallow repeatedly) I feel a sort of stiffness on the one side right above the adam's apple on my left side. The pain is usually only when I dry swallow (I eat and drink fine). Also my throat feels good when I wake up in the morning, it's after I get to work that it starts to hurt (computer programmer). My shoulders are also slightly tense but that's normal for me.

I also have tonsil stones which I have been trying to keep cleaned out.

I know this can be anything from throat cancer to a side effect of anxiety or carpal tunnel, but I'd love to hear some opinions and to see where I should go with this. I am somewhat of a hypochondriac, so I want to determine if I'm overreacting or need to seek immediate counsel.

My last check-up indicated slightly high blood pressure in one arm and slightly high liver enzymes (which are to be re-checked at my next appointment)