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Ok, this might sound crazy...but here it goes.

I've been having this odd feeling in my throat lately. It feels like I have a rock stuck in it, but only if I have been swallowing a lot. Like when I wake up in the morning it feels great, but then after a few hours, especially if I drink a lot of water, the lump feeling comes back. Then I only feel it when I swallow. I also noticed that the more I pay attention to this the more I swallow and then get into a vicious circle. It can get quite uncomfortable by mid-afternoon.

Am I just nuts, or is this something that should be checked out? I am a pretty tense person and have had some neck and throat type of sensations before as a result of anxiety/panic disorder. But this is totally new and has been going on for a week or two. Interestingly enough I don't notice it much on the weekends. It's really when I'm sitting at work and/or paying attention to my throat and swallowing patterns.

I am on Aciphex 20mg for GERD and Zoloft 50mg for anxiety. I am a 29 y.o. male.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Have you noticed it happens after you take your Zoloft? I also take Zoloft and have had this happen to me as well. I feel like it is stuck in my throat and I keep swallowing and saliva keeps producing, kind of like I'm about to throw up. It's an awful feeling. I started taking the pills and immediately eating something after and it has solved that problem for me. I wonder if it's the same problem that you're having?
Not really. I take my Zoloft in the morning and usually don't have these throat problems at that time. It's actually later in the day, once I get to work.

I just read that swallowing problems while on Zoloft could be a potentially serious bad side-effect. Do you know what they mean? Should I call my doctor?