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My Medication list
morning- 2 ritalin, 1 500mg glucophage, 1 wellbutrin
12 noon one more ritalin
bedtime- zoloft,BC pill,amytriptaline.

during the day i also sometimes take Xanax for panic and anxiety...or if my head hurts (migranes) i will take a percocet or imitrex

my fiance says that i take too many pills.

I have migranes, anxiety and i need to loose about 30 lbs. zoloft was given to me for anxiety but i lost my sex drive so they offset it with wellbutrin. I do not have depression. I just have a very stressful job that keeps me awake at night and in anxiety attacks all day :(

i would like to go off Zoloft but im not sure
oh yeah I have ADD, cant pay attn to things and have a very hard time being organized and staying on task

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Well, that is quite a few meds, but many of us have been on more. The Ritalin seems necessary, the Glucophage seems necessary (are you hypoglycemic or diabetic?), and as for the Zoloft and Wellbutrin, I'm not sure. I know Zoloft is extremely helpful with anxiety, but I personally don't think that you should need to pop a Xanax if the Zoloft is effective for the anxiety. I understand the sexual side effects, and yes, Wellbutrin is helpful to offset that, so that seems necessary, too. I just don't like the Xanax popping because I feel that Zoloft in itself should be helpful enough along with some stress/management/cognitive behavorial techniques. Maybe, if it's possible for you, you should try seeking some therapy of some sort to help you deal more without popping that one extra pill. If that's not possible, maybe you should try some relaxation techniques and stress management techniques. I'm not totally against benzos (although I was addicted to them for 4 years due to a psychiatrist telling me that I would never get addicted as long as I took them as prescribed, which I always did, I'm suing) but I do strongly believe you should try other methods before popping that pill unless absolutely necessary. Plus, if you have a stressful job, don't they slightly impair your ability to work? I always felt that they kind of "messed me up" until I was on them for a few months straight, 24 hours a day, and got used to them.