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i just read your post and felt so bad for your situation. i only suffer from panic attacks. i am on 100mg a day of zoloft to avoid these attacks, but too much caffeine, too much stress, whatever, will cause an attack. see, my mom died 6 days after my 30th birthday in 1994. two months after her funeral, i was at work one day and all of a sudden i felt this heat rising up from my feet all through my body. i felt fear like i've never felt before. i was dying. or so i thought. my brain began buzzing, i got hot all over and felt like i was going to vomit. i also felt a need to have a bowel movement. the physical part was scary, the mental part-horrific. i think what your experiencing is panic attacks. mine only last less than a minute at a time, but feel like an eternity. write again and let me know what you think. relax, talking helps.