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I was just started on Zoloft- I had some pretty bad side effects at first on the 25mg/ I think I'm just overly sensitive to the medications. I started breakin them in half and taking it at night. I have been feeling pretty good on that dose (side effects going away) I thought I would try to take the 25mg again tonight. I would like to hear POSITIVE experiences from others who have been on Zoloft, when did the side effects go away- did you take anything else with it.

Thanks :)
I also started on 25mg and slowly increased until where i am now at 200mg a day. 100 in morning and 100 in afternoon. I was also prescribed xanax to help until the zoloft fully kicked in. I was very jittery and shaky at first. The only bad side effect now is lack of sexual drive or satisfaction. Zoloft has worked very well for me. It has lifted much of the depression and im also on keppra for seizures and risperdal, which is helping with the anger issues. I was offered the chance to switch from zoloft but i didnt want too, I like it. I cant tell you how long the side effects lasted but it wasnt long, the body just has to get adjusted. I hope it works for you.
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My father, who is 63, was taking 25 mg everyday. He was supposed to increase his dose but he started experiencing side effects at 50. Apparently, some people with slower metabolisms need smaller doses. He was very happy with his dose and stayed at it during year and a half, then weaned himself off.

Sadly, Zoloft didn't work for me. Each person is different.
benzos, that is valium type meds reduce antidepressant side effects but many docs wont prescribe any
zoloft does eventually help many anxious panicky people, anxious peoiple do seem to have more antidepressant side effects than others
I have recently started taking zoloft for anxiety and panic.. I was on 50 with no side effects but when I upped it to 75 I started to feel really really shaky and now I am getting shooting tingles. Could this be from the zoloft and will it go away? It seems to be helping my social anxiety and making me feel better about myself but I still worry a lot.
Zoloft has been a god send to me. It has helped me tremendously.

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