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Hi, there!

Your post is the first time I've ever heard of someone else experiencing the same thing I do! I feel like I can not get a full deep breath and sometimes it lasts for a few minutes and sometimes, it can go on for two and three days. It's scary and extremly frustrating. I, too, went to the ER and my doctor to find out whats wrong. I even had an MRI and it came up with nothing. When the doctor told me it was panic, I laughed! I said, "What is there to be panicked about?" It would happen at the most relaxed times....eating dinner, watching TV, etc. It's been almost two years now and I'm three weeks into Zoloft. Can't say if the Zoloft is working 100% yet. I have had a few panick attacks and breathing episodes but I think they've not been as frequent.

I also have a daughter, she's 7. I fear for my life because I constantly think there's something wrong with me that the doctors missed. I can't imagine having her grow up without me. Some days, I believe I'm fine until I can't take that deep breath.

I wish you all the best...