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Hello all I am a 36 year old female that feels like she's 80 most of the time :-) But really I have this problem with stress I guess, I have had ulcers since I was 23 which I took meds and have only had an occasional flare up here and there since. About 8 months ago things started happening. First I was having right shoulder pain, it got better and left shoulder began hurting. It was more stubborn than the right and took months to heal. I had a MRI and they concluded I had a problem with my rotator cuff and there was a slight build up of fluid. They said it had to be stress related. Soon after my pain in my stomach came back, you know the sharp stabbing pain under the left breast. The ulcers were back and they put me back on meds. They checked me for some kind of bacteria in my stomach and it was negative so it was stress enduced. They also put me on Zoloft to help me deal with my stress. Even with this I have the weekly eye tremor that I absolutely hate. 3 weeks ago I began having pain in my right side, a dull ache under the outside part of my lower rib cage. I went in and after an xray they told me it was pleurisy proably caused by stress. I took Motrin for a week and it got better. Now it is back again. I don't get it, I don't feel stressed out, yes I work two jobs, have 3 kids but my husband helps out and my kids are great. Are all these just unrelated or do you think there is some kind of connection ie.. stress. My right side is really hurting and I don't want to go back for her to tell me I'm just stressed again. Any advice would be great.
Devyon: Try 1000mg of Calcium with 500mg of Magnesium for a few days and the eye twitch should go away. Sometimes medications leach important nutrients from our bodies. I'm no big fan of Zoloft, etc.... Also, there are many homeopathic remedies for stomach upset. Look for websites that aren't trying to sell you something. Truestar Health.com is a place to start.