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My son is 11 years old and he takes zoloft..50 mg. His pediatrician says that Zoloft is the only one approved for children. It has worked wonders for him.
There have been many stories in the news recently about anti-depressants & Children- I heard last night on the news that Prozac is the only with an approval to be used on children- both Zoloft and Paxil were featured during this story- and the side effects for both were horrible. I would seek out a second opinion before opting for medication. I have personally seen the effects of Zoloft on a Teenager- they were not good, makes her tired, with absolutely no interest in anything but sitting on the couch & watching TV, also she experienced a large amount of weight loss which was not needed. Now the side effects of going off of the medication will be worse than staying on it- so she is in a major catch 22.

Good Luck to you.