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I hope someone can help, I feel clumsy and ditzy. I have been taking prozac 20mg for 2 months and just upped it on sat to 30mg and I also take klonopin when needed usually at night. Lately I feel disoriented and weird, Weird dreams and off balance feelings, I will mention this to my psych when I go next week but I was just wondering if anyone else felt this way ever. Of course I go and think I have a brain tumor and freak myself out and then I have a panic attack. Please anyone with advice? Thanks :angel: Carly

I can't honestly say if it is the meds. I have only taken meds twice in my life. Once when I was 14 and then recently about six months ago. The first time I was clumsy, ditzy and I felt like I was in a dream. This is when I was on zoloft. Then six months ago I took luxapro and I went into a panic attack. Both times I quit right away right after. I hear from other people if you take it longer the symptoms will go away or maybe your p-doc can perscribe you with something else. Yes, I think the same way you do start thinking there is something wrong with my head or I have cancer etc. I think its to much thinking into it. I try to think its all in my head sometimes it works not all the time. I try to focus on something else other than the current situation. Try picking up a hobby that puts your focus on something else. Sometimes that works too again not all the time, but to get you by tell you get the right meds or another solution. Anyways I hope that helps :)