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Does anyone have experience with accupuncture for treating hypertension? I know a bunch of you guys are great when it comes to accupuncture!

If so, how many sessions should I expect to need? Will it take care of it or will I have to go in periodically to keep it under control? I am 22, 5'9", 135 lbs and about a year ago went to doc and they noticed high blood pressure, part of it is white coat, get like 160/80 with pulse of 100 at the doctors office, I get incredibly anxious at the doctors, at home on my computer controlled bp monitor I get 130-148/7x readings.

When it all started I was under incredible stress from college and my "girl friend" at the time which ended up being nothing but a headache and a source of immense grief. This summer was very stressful as well moving my parents from Oregon to Arizona out of the house I grew up at. Now in December still having problems.

I used to have depression anxiety problems as well, but they have completely gone away and have not been an issue in ~2 years. I was on Zoloft for a month back then until it started giving me motor problems and they took me off of it, didn't take anything else but even the short while managed to snap me out of my depression. I also became Buddhist, meditate, and in general have become a much more compassionate being.

When I go and meet a accupuncturist, what kind of questions should I ask to see if he is a good one? My boss told me about the one she goes to that has taken care of her migraines and her husbands chronic back pains, so I feel pretty confident seeing him, but still I want to know if there are any specific things I should be looking for in a accupuncturist.