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so I always worry about things. How I look, what t o say, I get nervous knowing I am going out with people because I would rather be at home. I wake up feeling good and then start thinking about everything. I am recovering from bulimia, I think I was Binge/Purging to lessen the anxiety. No matter what kind of job I have, where I live and how thin I am.... I always stress out about everything.. I also have lots of obsessions and compulsions. I do alot of counting when I perform tasks like flick the lights on 5 times or count steps. For as long as I can remember I was told I complained and was very negative. I have lots going for me but am waiting for everything to fall apart. I also always think I have medical problems ex: cancer or getting a flu, anything I read I think I have. I am seeing a therepist but all of my problems come and go. for example I was doing drugs, then I stopped that now it is the bulimia. Some days I will not binge or purge at all and in those days I am depressed, or get withdrawn. Other days I feel rally outgoing and beautiful and witty, then I get nervous.... I don't know what is causing what anymore! I have tried prozac and zoloft and felt great the 1st week... Then I felt like I was having a bad trip. My mind would not stop racing and I would get horrible thoughts like I was crazy! Now I am on adderall (for add) and wellbutrin for everything else. I don't know what helps and what doesn't.
Any Advice??????????????????