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good lord sweetie! sometimes moms don't want to admit that kind of sickeness in their children. you need to make the appt. yourself ok? i got on xanax and after the first will be on zoloft (insurance changes) i was having horrible panic and anxiety and i got my life back. for some reason people don't look at mental illness as a real illness. i don't know why. if you can't get in to see the doctor for panic, get your mom to take you to your GP for somethin' else, go back for the flu if you have to and talk to your doc about the panic. he/she will listen and get you the proper meds or referal you need, then she can't say nothin' huh? don't give up, you don't have to live like this.
She gave me a bottle of Zoloft she had left-over in the cupboard, i'm going to try that out tomorrow when i wake up. I've taken the drug before, only side-effect i expirenced was insomnia.
Many people have been successfully treated with Zoloft for depression, panic disorder, OCD, and PTSD.

How long does it take to feel better?
The time it takes to feel better is different for everyone. You may start to feel better within 2 to 4 weeks or it may take 6 to 8 weeks. Even if you don’t feel better right away, it’s important to keep taking your medicine as directed. The people around you may see a change for the better before you do.

all i am sayong is that yes zoloft can help the prevention of anity or panic, but it takes a long *** time to work. i know, i have been on it before. self diagnosing yourself by taking an old sample in the back of the pantry is not a soulution. this is a disorder that needs to be medically diagnosed properly. how interesting that she would have some but not want to take you to see if you need mental help. i am not saying this is a disorder you will have forever, mine comes and goes but what i have learned is that if i take the wrong stuff, i am even worse off. i want to support you and help, but i can only reflect off of my experiences.

without talking to a medical professional you don't know what kind of dose to take, how often even if it is the right medication for your symptoms, plus with a pre-existing heart condition it would seem you should take extra precaution.
i personally think that taking what is left in an old bottle will only make things worse. it is a stupid move for a potentially serious condition.
I had to make a new name, appearently i was banned for some reason...

Anyway, i'll take your advice and not take the Zoloft. I've developed a cough though that started yesterday, just a dry cough. Today it's turned into a hacking and burning-the-lungs type cough, from what i've read these attacks effect the lungs, is that simply it?

I'm developing a fever, seems now i'm going to have a cold ontop of what i'm already going through. 99.8 not too long after drinking a semi-cold glass of water. *sigh*