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Hi Everyone! :wave:

Awwww, Brynn, and everyone else who's been interested enough to read this thread.....you are all just SO sweet, thank you for being concerned! :bouncing:

I'm afraid I dropped off the Board because I've been going through a depressing time of my own....the Holidays and all....I've been having caregiver issues I guess....Joey and I have been having a rough time getting along for a while...he's been out of work since October, and it's driving me crazy! :p

Joey's foot has been rollercoastering from swolen and painful to relatively normal looking and low pain.....it's crazy how fast it can change. I get frustrated and angry at him because I don't feel he's exercising it like he's supposed to be, but I try to understand that at the same time it's in pain, and it's brutally cold outside so he doesn't want to go out...I've suggested Mall-Walking but he declines, thinks he gets enough just hobbling around the house. His Physical Therapist graduated him coincidentally after we had to cancel three appointments in one week...but his foot was pretty normal the day of the final exam and he was able to get Joey to run around the track, so he declared him finished! I was SO angry....I knew....sure enough 2 days later his ankle was bloated and huge again. And Joey just does NOT do the exercises he should be without having the PT pressure him to.

I've also been VERY angry at the Pain Clinic we've been getting his treatments at...Joey loves the Dr and does not want anyone else coming near him with a needle, but the Scheduling Secretaries are absolutely EVIL! They hate me even more because I was a toughie from the start and gave them alot of grief ordering them to schedule him weekly, not in 7 weeks....but it has ended up backfiring and ultimately now they deliberately never have time for Joey, and when they do it's Monday, which I mistakenly told them was the absolute WORST day for us! AAARRGGGHH! :nono:

Joey had been having great sucess with the Clonidine Epidural Blocks and wearing the Clonidine 3 patches too through the autumn, but then they seemed to be losing effectiveness, and Joey read some side effects of death in his pill book about Clonidine and ripped the patch off...he went off of ALL meds after a bad reaction to Kadian long acting Morphine, which sent him into terrible Detox...I should have hospitalized him...finally he went back on his beloved Percocet to stop the Detox...and that's the only pain med he'll take now, it's the double strength kind (10/325), and he had an accidental overdose not long after the Detox because he took 4 within 90mins which he may have handled before the Detox but, luckily I was home to find him catatonic and call 9-1-1.

The last time we went for a treatment (12/5!) they gave him a new procedure instead of the Clonidine, he did a Lidocaine IV infusion, which dripped into his arm for over an hour, and worked great for 12 days Joey was virtually pain free, although going through the horrible stomach problems then. They had scheduled him 5 weeks ahead, instead of weekly, which of course made me mad but I can't fight them anymore or it makes it worse for Joey! He tried to get his appt moved up as an emergency (since they don't sound like they care at all!), but his Dr was on vacation through Xmas and New Years anyway. So finally he got them to move it up one week to January 5th. It was a Monday of course, so I had to lose half a day's work (and pay!) to bring him, and when he got there, his Dr asked him what he liked the best? Joey said the Lidocaine Infusion, and also asked about getting a medication to help gain weight since he's lost approx 55 lbs. This alarmed the Dr, and he cancelled the procedure and sent him for a blood test, which REALLY got me mad because we've had his blood tested over and over but the PCP's computer doesn't communicate with this Hospital's records, so we had to do it! THEN, the DAMN Secretaries refused to schedule him any sooner than Feb 3rd!!!! OMG I was hysterical but our 6yr old daughter was with us so I didn't go make a scene, but I was SO angry at Joey for allowing them to schedule him so far away! I made him call them and hound them for a sooner appt every day for a while and at one point they moved it up one week to next Tuesday 1/27. He's continued to try but they will not budge on anything earlier! I hate them!

So anyway, hopefully next week he'll have another Lidocaine Infusion, which is supposed to be some 'new' treatment...as was the Clonidine Epidurals....they tell us Joey is a special case for getting them and ONLY his Dr (The Pain Ctr Director) can give them to him. (For all I know these are totally common?)

So, as you can tell, I'm having my own stress and anxiety and depression issues....Joey's been given the deadline of 3/1 to return to work....don't know yet how open they'll be to giving him a lighter schedule, he'll still need lots of time for appointments and can't work the early shift anymore since he totalled our second car and we couldn't get another one....so basically, I'm frantically searching now for a new job of my own, but I need evening or even overnight hours so I'll be available for all the shuttling around during the day...and I need to get one with good Insurance.....wish me luck! :(

Joey's also been having a very hard time finding an Anti Depressant, which I think he needs an Elephant Dose of....we've been going through different combos....Prozac/Wellbutrin made him jump out of his skin with speediness and anxiety (Oh that was a REEEEALLLY fun time), then we went to Zoloft, which gave him unbelievably horrible stomach problems, gallons of incredibly stenchous gas, morphed into cycles of horrible diarreah or constipation...the whole time we thought he was sick with some bad stomach bug...going to PCP and having all kinds of tests....this went on for at least 4 weeks, until his next Psych appt was approaching and he stopped the Zoloft cold turkey and immediately the stomach problems cleared up! Now he's trying Celexa, which doesn't seem to have any bad effects yet....but also not great effects either...but hopefully we can get his dose jacked up at next week's appt.

Well, that's the update from Boston....I'm sorry for not turning to the only people who really know what I'm going through....I've just been suffering in silence by myself....I'll try to come back every night if I can.....Our home computer is dead, and I can only come from work, and we have a new Rottwieler of a Manager who wants to take away our Internet Access I heard! :eek:

I hope you're all having low pain days! Thank you for caring, it means so much to Joey that someone cares enough to be looking for him, even though he's not feeling much like my old muscular "Ramrod Joe"! :rolleyes:

{{{{Gentle Hugs}}}}
~Ange~ :angel: [/FONT]