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Hello all. I'm 24 and on Jan 13th had a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy with both ovaries removed. From what I understood menapause would be surgically induced as soon as my ovaries were gone but so far i haven't noticed any differences.....well besides the awful pain in my belly.....other than i can't sleep at night and i cry for no reason. I was wondering if anyone could give me any hints or input or recommendations for HRT. Thanks for anything.


I agree with maramac..
Your crying spells are not gonna get better on their own.I went through a rough recovery period before i finally called to make an appt with a therapist and phys doc.I have been taking zoloft for 3 weeks and feelin better already.I am also taking trazodone for insomnia.I had to see a physciatrist{SP?} in order to get meds...I was getting up soaked in sweat 8- 10 times a night.Which in turn lead me to major depression i just couldnt sleep at all....Please be proactive in your health care..thats the best advice i can give ya!!!READ,READ,READ everything you can get your hands on while you are recouping!!! Dont wait till your crying spells ,insomnia and depression sets in!!!! Treat it before it happens if you can!!!! If your not getting enough estrogen then these symptoms will only increase!!! You are very young to have had this surgery already i would suggest you get lots of info and dont just sit back waiting for the doctors advice...Welcome to "the other side"

Speedy recovery to you..Dont stand around too much while trying to recover it causes blood to pool in your lower extremities therefore causing unnessary pain while trying to recoup also puts a strain on your stitches that are trying to heal inside....Rest walk,rest walk in small incriments and drink lots of water to hydrate your dry skin ...I used to start cleaning and running around right after surgeries when i was younger knowing what i know now...I take better care of myself after to prevent any problems later for myself...Do what these wonderful ladies here tell you to do.I did and it really helped in my physical recovery.My mental required some extra help,lol...